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Urgiles Brothers Excavating Inc.

"Prioritize safety, get home safe."


At Urgiles Brothers Excavating Inc. we prioritize health and safety to ensure the well being of our employees, clients and visitors. This is achieved by implementing our safety procedures, providing proper training, and regularly inspecting equipment and job sites. By prioritizing health and safety, Urgiles Brothers Excavating Inc. can prevent accidents and injuries and also improve our reputation and ensure the safety to all our employees, clients and visitors. 


Urgiles Brothers Excavating Inc. vision is to make our employees, clients and visitors feel safe and welcomed on all our job sites and locations. Urgiles Brothers Excavating Inc annually reviews & approves its Health & Safety System, WTS, Policies and Procedures. Our goal is to get everyone home safe back to their loved ones. We regularly inspect our equipment and job sites to identify any areas for improvement, and to implement a plan to address and reduce areas of improvement.


Urgiles Brothers Excavating Inc. has accomplished and achieved many goals and targets over the years. One Achievement that we are truly proud of is our ISO 45001:2018 Certificate which opened up the doors for our COR 2020 Equivalency Certificate. These 2 Certificates are a representation of our companies dedication to our Employees, Clients and Visitors Safety.

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