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Urgiles Brothers


Urgiles Brothers was contracted to assist in the development of two new transit stops within Northwest Toronto. We were tasked with the excavation, hauling and safe disposal of over 190,000 m3 of various materials, including fill, contaminated soils, and asbestos. Furthermore, we performed the demolition and loading of approximately 16,000 m2 of hard surfaces - including sawcut and asphalt removal - and the backfilling & compaction of 12,000 m3 of granular materials. Our client was very satisfied with the performance of our contractual work, and consistently recommended Urgiles for additional works on site. These additional endeavors included;

  • Excavation and cutting of piles below grade

  • Supply & installation of subdrains, roof drain pits and weeping tiles

  • Electrical excavation to accommodate electrical ducts 

After the successful completion of the bulk excavation phase, our focus transitioned to landscaping and civil works. This phase involved the meticulous supply and installation of cast-in-place concrete, as well as the preparation of sub-base and base works. Furthermore, we undertook all essential tasks related to the supply and installation of PVC pipes, a sanitary force main sewer, and multiple maintenance manholes. We are proud to have played a role in connecting communities and improving our overall transit network.

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