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Urgiles Brothers Excavating Inc was founded in 2012 by two brothers; Ivan Urgiles and Jose Urgiles. Prior to starting their own business, both Ivan and Jose had decades worth of experience in the industry working as truck drivers and managing dump sites. Working on the frontlines enabled them to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities related to such operations. As a result, they decided to establish their own company that could offer superior solutions to construction related projects - and they have done just that. Over the years, Urgiles Brothers has attained a high reputation in the industry, taking on large-scale works including several Amazon sites, the York Region Transit system, and many more. Equipped with a fleet of cutting edge machinery, in conjunction with a skilled workforce, Urgiles Brothers has attained the capacity to deliver major infrastructure projects on time and on budget.

business owner
business owner




Ivan Urgiles is the Co-founder of Urgiles Brothers. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, he has amassed the knowledge and expertise needed to lead the company to greater heights. Ivan is responsible for the oversight of projects from conception to completion. Throughout the duration of all projects, he stays in communication with the clients, making certain that their needs and concerns are addressed. Furthermore, Ivan directs and coordinates major projects to ensure the optimal use of the company’s resources. His detail-oriented approach guarantees well organized projects that run smoothly and efficiently.



Jose Urgiles is the Co-Founder of Urgiles Brothers. Jose also brings over 30 years of experience to the company. He demonstrates a hands-on leadership style, spending most of his time on the job sites. He directs and manages the core teams on site, with the end objective being to bring the client’s vision to life. His deep involvement in the project’s day to day activities allows him to ensure problem-free, productive operations.



Joe Goulart brings over 30 years of strategic planning and operational leadership experience to the company. He joined the team as a Project Manager in 2016, leveraging his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry. As project manager, Joe develops detailed project plans that will ultimately bring the client’s vision to fruition. He is also responsible for monitoring the project in its entirety, and ensuring that any issues that arise are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Joe’s clients praise his passion and commitment to delivering exceptional results.



Alex Urgiles is a Project Manager. He joined the team in 2016, and has since successfully managed a diverse array of projects. He manages timelines, and ensures that all work is being completed according to the project plan and scope. Furthermore, Alex handles the logistical planning related to various operations. He ensures that materials and equipment get from point A to point B as scheduled. His strong interpersonal skills have allowed for methodical coordination and communication with suppliers, sub-contractors and customers, as they work together to enable innovation and efficiency.

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